Bold Goals

Through an extensive process which included reviewing existing needs assessments, interviewing key stakeholders, facilitating community forums, and conducting public surveys UWEM has gathered the input of thousands of individuals to identify the issues that matter most to our community. Using all of that input and data we’ve developed three Bold Goals for Eastern Maine.

Bold Goal #1:  Meet basic needs and promote self-sufficiency for all

Headline Indicator:  10,746 people move out of poverty by 2028.
107,461 Eastern Mainers are currently living at or below 200% of the federal poverty line (ex. family of 4 making less than 49,200/year)


  1. Families and individuals have access to resources and assistance to address food insecurity
  2. Families and individuals obtain or maintain safe, affordable, stable housing
  3. Individuals have an effective support system when faced with violence or abuse
  4. Individuals have access to opportunities to improve financial stability and achieve self-sufficiency

Bold Goal #2:  Prevent, treat, and support recovery from Substance Use Disorder

Headline Indicator:  Eliminate deaths due to Substance Use Disorder by 2028.
107 people in Eastern Maine died due to overdose in 2016.


  1. Increase access to the full spectrum of accessible and affordable treatment and recovery resources
  2. Increase access to prevention programming, youth programs to increase resiliency, and strategies to reduce stigma

Bold Goal #3:  Ensure all children have quality early learning experiences

Headline Indicator:  Increase the percent of children reading proficiently at the end of third grade to 58% by 2028.
Currently only 48% (1,347) of children in Eastern Maine are reading proficiently at the end of third grade


  1. Increase access to preschool and quality early childcare programs
  2. Parents and caregivers are informed and engaged in their child’s development
  3. K-3 children have access to before and after school activities
  4. Providers and professionals deliver quality educational experiences