Basic Needs

Meet basic needs and promote self-sufficiency for all

107,461 Eastern Mainers are currently living in poverty* (ex. family of 4 making less than 49,200/year)

Our goal is to move 10,746 people out of poverty* by 2028.

*defined as 200% of federal poverty level


  1. When faced with food insecurity, households have an effective system to provide assistance.
  2. Households have access to safe, stable, affordable housing for every phase of their lives.
  3. When faced with violence or abuse, individuals have an effective system to support them to feel safe
  4. Community members have access to economic opportunities to improve financial stability and achieve self-sufficiency.


Learn More about why this issue is so important in Eastern Maine:

Opportunity 2028 Basic Needs White Paper

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Our impact on Eastern Maine communities:

Over the next year:
• 20,652 Families and individuals have access to resources and assistance to address food insecurity
• 993 Families and individuals obtain or maintain safe, affordable, stable housing
• 1,107 Individuals have an effective support system when faced with violence or abuse
• 651 Individuals have access to opportunities to improve financial stability and achieve self-sufficiency.

• Answering the call of 5,517 people seeking information and referral services through 211 Maine
• Leading Community Partners for Social Needs to provide 86 area basic needs focused nonprofit professionals with resources and education to enhance collaboration and service to those in need.  Want to join CPSN? Contact us.